What is a NewVistas Community?

“A NewVistas community is not based on religion nor led by and is not owned by any person or run by a religion. It also not a city or a state and does not create law. It is very different than any Person might imagine. You cannot understand it without studying it carefully. The NewVistas concepts have as its foundation 5 pages of a community design recorded in 1833 by Fredrick G Williams. The early [LDS] church leaders did not have the documents as they were lost until 1868. We can learn from the mistakes of the early Mormons but their efforts to establish a community were only partially based on lose recollections of what the documents contain.” (13)

“In a NewVistas community every square foot is garden. Housing and community buildings are under greenhouses. Farmers have labor for their box gardens because people are present. The whole community is walkable a-b. Nobody owns a car because they don’t need one. I have studied this for 40 years and this is not just some crazy idea. It is the future.” (14)

“In NewVistas the complete acreage is green. There are easements every 600 feet for wildlife and each full NewVistas is surrounded by 288 square miles of wilderness.” (15)

“It [NewVistas] is not natural. It is a pattern that requires a lot of people or it will collapse. A bee hive cannot exist without Lots of bees. Humans also need lots of other Humans to be productive. We are not productive when we spread out and try and insert ourself into nature as if we can exist with nature alone without people close around. The NewVistas system recognizes the need for humans to congregate close yet have space all around and privacy as well as community.” (16)

““Human beings are meant to be close to each other in a community and not spread out in little fenced in kingdoms where they have to get into a car to say high to someone. If you study my website you will find that the community is run by the voice of the people at multiple levels. No person controls and no person or group of people own. The capitalist is the community corporation. I don’t own the community but neither does anyone.” (17)

see also the NewVistas web page – newvistasfoundation.org