What does NewVista say is their role in the world?

“There may be an outside chance that I am operating on a rational plan that has as its core the welfare of all mankind.” (18)

“My purpose is to figure out and solve issues of inequality, health, ecology , community, and justice.” (6)

“My view us that people are the greatest asset that the world has but we need to learn to live in harmony with each other and the environment. I really do believe that the NewVistas concept is the best solution. The automobile has been a great invention but personal ownership of cars has led to small single family homes needing massive amounts of roads and parking. This is s luxury a few rich in the world can afford but it is not scalable to all mankind. The NewVistas concept is scalable to all.” (20)

“My objectives are to improve and enhance any property that I purchase for the long term benefit of the larger community. ”  (32)

“Only a small percentage of population will live in a NewVistas type of setting to start with.  I expect that eventually people will figure out that the most valuable private property is their share of the community interest and their business that they own completely.   Luckily for all there will be plenty of time to study and compare.   No one has to join the community and no one has to sell their home.   Also if someone wants to leave they cash out over a known period of time.”  (36)

see also the NewVista web page – newvistafoundation.org