What does NewVista say will happen in the Pleasant View Neighborhood?

Homes will be “torn down or rented until torn down and replaced with high density housing” (2)

“Instead of 2,000 people living in the 5-acre area, there will be 20,000”  (30)

“5 x as many great people will be in the same area once a NewVista system is in place. Meanwhile the [rented] homes will be occupied by the same or a greater number of people that are in the homes now.” (4)

“…the mixed use developers are fighting off the single homers…”  (1)

“These properties will be donated to the Tracy Hall Foundation prior to the construction of the research center and Vista park campus.”  (27)

“Pleasant view is a great area and many more good people need to be able to live there with their families and enjoy it. The orchard farmers who owned the land before it became a subdivision thought that the developers were evil rich stupid people as well and yet even you are on the side of those rich evil and vane developers for making a home for you and our parents. I am simply doing the same for the next generation and so will have to take the same type of pressure and slander that the original developers of pleasant view had to from dome of the vocal locals at that time. Remember I am a local also and I also know all of the original people and have assisted many of them and their families in making critical transitions in their lives.”  (23)

“The community center and villages that I intend to build at the BYU southend of pleasant view will add great beauty to the area and will house 800 good people where 40 good people are now (20 times)”  (28)

“The location is best suited to a mixed use where housing for thousands is mixed with places to work and study and shop.”  (45)