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At this site you can find information and descriptions of efforts to preserve the Provo Utah Pleasant View Neighborhood from the NewVistas Foundation.  As directed by David R. Hall, a Provo resident, the NewVistas Foundation is buying homes in the neighborhood for the purpose of razing homes, erecting a corporate living social experiment that will house up to 20,000 people and establishing a “sustainable” drilling operation.

Pleasant View residents current and past proclaim that we are collectively the vigorous heart and bright soul of the neighborhood.  We are the keepers of the memories and the history of this legacy neighborhood.  Not NewVistas.  We are the holders of that vision of a vibrant, creative and loving neighborhood dreamed by the families of the first homes.   Not NewVistas.  We will fashion and care for the brilliant future of this neighborhood.   We are Pleasant View.

Click here to link to the “Provo City Pleasant View Neighborhood” facebook page.

Click here to link to the “Stop the NewVista Project” facebook page maintained by our Vermont neighbors

Click here for a link to the petition and open letter to David Hall and NewVista Foundation.

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What does Provo City Mayor John Curtis say in support of the Pleasant View Neighborhood?

“As a City we have made it clear that well-maintained neighborhoods that enrich the quality of life while maintaining their own unique sense of place are important to us. It’s vital to all of us that Provo’s neighborhoods offer families and individuals a safe and positive environment in which to interact and prosper.“

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