What does NewVista say about the Pleasant View Neighborhood?

“All the homes are old and falling apart so you can expect that the neighborhood will now go down hill as is normal for any neighborhood like this since the neighborhood is not willing to adopt a better way.” (25)

“…a poor use of land in this congested area of Provo.” (1)

“…the neighborhood is really part of BYU.” (1)

“The “thumb” area [homes on 500 East, 650 East, Sego Lane and Lambert Lane] is in distress because of its location and the growth of BYU. It is time for all to move out and on with their lives and I am providing an easy way for all to exit at a premium.” (27)

“Look at a map of the area and view this area. It is in the middle of BYU and the MTC (Missionary Training Center). Staying single family is not sustainable long term.”  (45)

“The growth from BYU and the MTC and the traffic caused by all the Football and baseball and basketball and the conference center is causing the decline of the neighborhood. The trend towards absentee owners started way before I started buying properties. Most original home owners are gone.” (31)

“The ever expanding MTC and BYU is the issue, not me. ” (41)

“Time to throw in the towel and stop kicking against the inevitable.” (41)

“I was at my parents home 20 years ago when a BYU game was just getting out … It took me an hour to get out of the area. That convinced me that the neighbourhood was doomed.”  (41)